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Hello there! Let me take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Leslie Cross. My husband, Ben and I launched Dusti Rhoads in March of 2019. We retailed them through our western store that we had run for 17 years. We absolutely loved the western retail world, and actively promoted our products online, and especially through Facebook. We did weekly LIVE videos on Facebook showcasing our products. One night, my daughter, Cady was wearing a set of nail polish strips that just happened to match the top that she was wearing. All of our customers wanted to buy her nails. That sparked an idea. What if we could have fun, western nail polish strips that matched our clothing? That's when Dusti Rhoads was born.

We started with the nail polish strips, soon expanding to pedicures as well. Our customers loved our designs so much that we decided to start making matching accessories like our caps and bags. We thought it would be really awesome to be able to match your cap to your nails and to the bag that you are carrying.

I'm so blessed to get to run this business as a family business. I already mentioned my daughter Cady, who is our graphic artist. My daughter Dalli is in charge of shipping and you'll notice her in quite a few pictures throughout the site. I even get to work with my brother, Wes who helps anywhere we need him in our warehouse, and my mom (not pictured) who handles most of our packaging. We are truly a family owned and operated business and we love getting to work together.

We are also a faith based company. We never want to push our beliefs on anyone, but we are a Christian family and you will sometimes see that reflected in our designs.

I am so glad that you are visiting our site and that you have taken the time to read all of this. If you have any questions about our company please feel free to reach out at any time:

God Bless,

Leslie Cross