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Dusti Rhoads

Crazy Serape Travel Manicure Set

Crazy Serape Travel Manicure Set

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Crazy Serape faux leather manicure set features the Dusti Rhoads logo with a purple serape background on the front and back of the casing. On the inside you will find 8 metal purple and silver tools that help with the nail prep and application process including a traditional set of nail clippers, an angled set, a pair of cuticle scissors, a metal nail file, a cuticle scrapper, a pair of tweezers, a cuticle cutter and a special tool to help you pick your nail polish strips off the paper. The inside of the casing is a light blue. 

This 2.5"x4.25" set is a must have. You'll want one in every bathroom, all of your vehicles, plus your purse!

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